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A Full Moon Ritual & Tarot Spread

I feel like I’m walking on air.
I am light, I am happy! Dare I say, I am carefree!
I am celebrating. I booked a trip to Mexico! I am so happy. 

The full moon is wonderful timing because it’s a perfect time for reflection, RELEASE, and wildin’ out! 

I’ll be doing all of the above.
But, let’s start with the first two. 

To begin, I cleaned the apartment, put away my things from work and lit candles on my alter. 

I wanted to be in a good space, physically and mentally for these full moon activities. 

I started with a full moon reading.

A full moon spread for letting go and shining bright.<br />
1. What is dimming me that I need to let go?<br />
2. What wants to shine through?<br />
3. What energy helps me breakthrough?<br />
4. What is my fullest expression of self, now?
Full Moon Spread 5 of Swords Reversed The Devil 7 of Swords Reversed 9 of Pentacles
5 of Swords Rider Waite Tarot Deck Amy Jones Tarot Reader

1. Five of Swords Reversed

What is dimming me that I need to let go?

5s are about life’s difficulties. Swords are about the mind. 

I’m starting to have some cards & symbolism memorized. Which is very exciting! Without looking at my notes, I reached a few conclusions. 

The Five of Swords in Reverse is about letting go. The characters in the background are leaving, they’re no longer holding onto negativity, grief and bitterness. 

I want to barrel through any grief I have over this past year. I know it’s better to process these feelings in a healthy way but I can’t wait to be at a point in my consciousness where this job is behind me. 

The Devil Rider Waite Tarot Deck Amy Jones Tarot Reader

2. The Devil

What wants to shine through?

Hey Capricorn. 

This is an interesting card to get because I do think my spiteful nature and laziness are fighting hard to get to top billing. The Devil is often about our darker side. He encourages our laziness and needs for instant gratification to shine through. During this transition period, it’s important for me to give myself structure, purpose and not to let my worst self take the reigns. 

I also think this card, given its place in this reading should be spun into a positive. There will be A LOT of people that think I’m crazy, shortsighted, and clueless. There will be questions and resistance. To me, right now, part of this Devil energy is not giving a fuck about what those people say. It’s breaking with convention and enjoying my own path.

There is power in this card.
I am powerful.

7 of Swords Rider Waite Deck Amy Jones

3. Seven of Swords Reversed


What energy helps me breakthrough?

7s are about action. Swords are about the mind. 

Upright, this card is about choice. There is power in making a choice. 

I’m feeling conflicted about this card because it doesn’t seem like it should be reversed. This card is often interpreted as negative. It could imply an affair, a betrayal, even imposter syndrome. But none of that rings true. 

I did read one piece of interpretation that I do like. 

The man in this card has a smirk on his face, a confidence despite the fact that he’s leaving two swords behind. 

I’m asking What energy helps me breakthrough?

Perhaps the energy of confidence is the answer. 

The courage to move forward despite not having everything figured out. The boldness of knowing it won’t be perfect, I will definitely mess up but must be enthusiastic despite my circumstances. 

9 of Pentacles Rider Waite Tarot Deck Amy Jones Tarot Reader

4. 9 of Pentacles


What is my fullest expression of self, now?

Hey girl, you look great.
I feel great! 

Enjoy the fruits of my labors over the past year and have fun on vacation! 

Resources will flow in my direction. 

Wealth is coming to me. Abundance is coming to me.

This is a graphic depiction of the Full Moon Ritual for releasing and meditating.

A Manifestation Exercise

Much of this exercise was taken from Sarah Kreuz @sarah.f.kreuz. As with any practice I take what I need and leave the rest. Parts of this ritual have been altered to suit my practice. Do what feels right to you and that’s what is right.

I mentioned earlier, I had cleaned my apartment leading up to the rituals. I don’t have an outdoor space to practice in, but I imagine I’d love to do much of this outdoors. Instead, I did it in front of my living room altar.

I used:
Your Journal
Loose paper
Ceramic bowl (fireproof bowl)


To begin I spent a few moments in silence preparing for the ritual. This is really just a series of 3-5 deep breaths. 

Then, I wrote in my journal these phrases, three times.


I open myself up to the power that is within me. 
I allow my highest self to show me the truth around me. 
I am grateful for the lessons I have learned but I release the pain of the past. 
I let go of the negative thoughts, patterns and energies that no longer serve me. 
I am in the process of becoming my highest self.

I then wrote down 11 things I’d consider “negative thoughts, patterns, and energies” that I wanted to get rid of on my loose piece of paper. I burned this piece of paper while repeating “I let go of the negative thoughts, patterns and energies that no longer serve me”.

I held it over the ceramic bowl and dropped it in when the flames consumed most of the paper.  When the page was done burning, I repeated the phrases above three times out loud. 

I then sat for seven minutes and envisioned a version of me that is my higher self.

In hindsight, I do believe this ritual really helped me. 

I believe it did help me let go of intrusive thoughts that might want to hold me down. We have to power to let go of baggage at any time. 

If burning pages and repeating mantras helps you train your mind, then go for it!


Don’t be afraid to tell your brain what to do. Don’t feel silly repeating good phrases out loud. And if you do feel silly, do it anyway!

Don’t be afraid to take the leap and get past all the crappy thoughts that have been taking up space in your mind for months. 

This was a great experience. 


I’ll try a new moon ritual in a few weeks!