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This is the first Full Moon of the 2024. The Wolf Moon.

It’s not hard to see how back in the day, long before electricity or even gas lanterns, wolves howling in the dark of January would have been particularly eerie. It certainly would’ve sent shivers down my spine.

Some lore insists this moon is called the Wolf Moon because by January wild wolves would have grown hungry and restless. But with further research, it’s more likely wolves were just communicating more vocally rather than venturing out and searching for each other. They howl to coordinate hunts, find one another and define territory.

It’s not their fault blankets of untouched white snow make the act a little scarier to humans under the darkness of winter.

What is a Full Moon?

During a Full Moon, the Moon is directly across the Earth from the Sun. Because they’re directly facing each other, the Moon is entirely illuminated by the Sun’s rays.
There might not be any scientific evidence proving a Full Moon is a magical time but thousands of ER nurses and elementary school teachers would beg to differ.

Why do a reading during the Full Moon?

Doing a tarot reading during the Full Moon is fun! There’s something about the mystical glow of a full moon that ignites a bit of magic in all of us. 

Many sects of witchcraft believe the full moon is a build-up of energy. As the moon moves through its waxing phase, it becomes fuller and fuller, peaking in this celestial event of a full moon. Marking time by the moon phases is an ancient practice, humans have been doing this for millennia. Today we look to tap into some of that ancient energy as we mark time for ourselves. 

And hey, taking time to check-in with yourself every two weeks isn’t a bad idea. It’s hard to change behavior if you don’t reflect on it.

Full Moon Tarot Spread

My Full Moon Card Pull

Full Moon Spread for Liberation, Illumination and Transformation.

Full Moon Tarot Spread

Liberation | Illumination | Transformation


1. What do I need to let go of?
2. What is the full moon revealing to me?
3. What is getting ready to emerge?

7 of Swords Rider Waite Deck Amy Jones

What do I need to let go of?

7 of Swords Reversed


This is really shouting “IMPOSTER SYNDROME!” 

 But what it’s also saying is a lie is underfoot. I’m lying to myself, trying to convince myself that I’m on the right path but I’m just not. This current chapter isn’t aligning with my goals. 

I can’t say that’s promising or particularly helpful. 

Four of Swords Rider Waite Tarot Deck

What is the full moon illuminating?

4 of Swords


The Four of Swords isn’t an uplifting card. It’s a good sign to pause and take stock. 

Review what’s going on, reflect on your progress. 

In my case, it’d be a lack of progress. 

Many times the Four of Swords is a sign to rest but that doesn’t ring true to me in my current state. It sounds like the Full Moon is hoping to illuminate some helpful realization or fresh perspective. 

What could that be?

Page of Cups Rider Waite Deck Tarot Cards

What is getting ready to emerge?

Page of Cups


The Page of Cups Reversed is a tough card to get at the end of this spread. 

Reversed, the Page of Cups is often a sign you’re experiencing a creative block or something is off. 

But the question was “What is getting to emerge?”

After consulting with a friend – tarot with friends is fun – we came to the conclusion this Page is saying the joy you find in creative projects will return soon. You’ll be searching for (and finding) the very things you use to love. That will push you past this creative block. 

Well gosh, I sure hope so. 


It’s important to remember when you do a tarot spread like this, or really any tarot spread, the cards aren’t just communicating their meaning individually, they’re working together to bring you a message. 

The way they affect each other is important. 

I say this as I struggle to deduce what this Full Moon spread is communicating to me. 

It’s certainly correct that my current struggle is likely linked to my current level of self-confidence. I won’t deny leaving that energy behind is the right move. 

But, I’ve been in this lull for a while now so rest does not feel like the play. I don’t think I need a break, I’m not working enough to have a break. That brings me back to the reflection aspect of 4 of Swords.

If it’s not a break, maybe it’s a breakthrough. 

That conclusion would be supported by the Page of Cups Reversed. The thing is, sitting under the glow of the Full Moon doesn’t suddenly spark a new idea. I’m not struck by a profound revelation. 

When does this break actually come through?

I love a moon magic moment but tonight this reading is leaving more confused than comforted.