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New Moon Tarot Reading





pale New Moon illustration

Today marks the New Moon in Aquarius.

I will not pretend to fully understand what that means.

It was easy for me, a Capricorn, to understand what the New Moon in my sign would bring ME, specifically. But, what exactly does a new moon mean when it’s not in your sign?


To me, it’s helpful to think of astrological signs as I think of symbols on a tarot card. Each sign is symbolic of tropes, energies and ideas universal to the human experience. We dissect them to learn about each other and ourselves. 

Aquarius is a bit deceptive because it’s the water bearer but it’s an AIR sign. Tricky. Aquarius is rebellious by nature and often eccentric. They value originality and freedom. Not always in the wide open spaces sense but in the sense they want global freedom and justice. They have a sense of justice and will not quickly sacrifice ethics for personal gain. 

It’s certainly interesting energy to bring to the Chinese Lunar New Year, which begins tomorrow after this New Moon. 

When you think of the New Moon and this lunar cycle in Aquarius, focus on freedom with your life’s structures. You are the author. You have the power to end chapters not serving you and dive into a new chapter with gusto, gunning for purpose, adventure and passion. Where are you finding new energy this New Moon?

New Moon Tarot Spread for starting a new chapter.

My New Moon Card Pull

New Moon Tarot Spread for closing one chapter and beginning a new chapter.

New Moon Tarot Spread

Final Endings | New Themes | Main Characters


1. What chapter of my life is ending?
2. What theme is forthcoming?
3. Who is this chapter’s hero?

6 of Swords Rider Waite Deck

What chapter of my life is ending?

6 of Swords Reversed


I feel like I’ve been seeing this card a lot lately. 
I’m correct, I also pulled the 6 of Swords (upright) for my previous New Moon reading. In that context, it was the answer to the question “What seeds do I need to plant?”

Then I believed it wanted me to leave behind a mental block. Get off the pier and sail towards great Wands energy. 

I regret to inform everyone that did not happen. I did not step forth into a great moment of success. 

So I could interpret this card, in it’s reversed state, as leaving that energy behind. Leaving the goals from last New Moon behind. 



Six of Swords Reversed is an indication that something didn’t work out. A change is being thrust upon you and you’re probably resisting it. All of that is true. I’m not navigating this period of my life with grace or enthusiasm. 

But it’s also answering the question “what chapter is ending?”

It appears it’s time to quit dragging my feet. Change is approaching. To forge ahead, approach it with Knightly energy. 



Knight of Cups Rider Waite Tarot Deck

What theme is forthcoming?

Knight of Cups


Drawing a Knight is rarely a bad thing. It’s certainly a good thing when answering “what theme is forthcoming?” I’ll take the enthusiastic active energy of a knight any day. 

I like to think of knights as golden retriever boyfriends. They’re energy, action, enthusiasm, supportive behavior and give very little thought to consequence. 

The Knight of Cups is a classic romantic. He is the Jett to your Pookie. He is the supportive boyfriend that may not understand your creative process but is just so proud of you anyway. 

The Knight of Cups encourages you to move forward with a creative project or intuitive calling. It may not be something logical but it’s something you feel called to do. You’re making an emotional decision. This knight is cheering you on. 

I’m not sure I’m making an emotional decision unless desperation is categorized as an emotion. But, it’s nice to know this knight believes in me. 

Ace of Swords Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Who is this chapter’s hero?

Ace of Swords Reversed

I admit I was hoping for some strong female energy to be revealed here.
That is not the case. 

Reversed, the Ace of Swords is about disappointment. It’s going back to the drawing board, doing some internal reflection and getting mental clarity. It seems like the opposite of leaving 6 of Swords energy behind. 

But, if I dig a few steps deeper this card could be challenging me to reframe my decision. If I’m carrying this anger with me into the new chapter, it won’t go well. Gathering more mental clarity – or rather – leaving the mental garbage behind is a good hero to have. 

Of course, the Ace of Swords Reversed could be telling me things are about to get worse before the get better. Financially, emotionally, spiritually. It could be a rough road. The cards are not always positive, sometimes they’re just realistic.


In the context of this reading, I’m hoping the Ace of Swords Reversed is a mental champion rather than an external bummer. 

I do need to clean the mental house. Much easier said than done. 

But the New Moon is a good time for housekeeping. It’s a time for release.

Close chapters, begin new ones. 

What I have done is made a decision. Perhaps instead of getting emotionally bogged down by the situation I should move forward with small, logical steps. If I rationally think through this stage, it’ll be over before I know it. I’ll be onto bigger and better things.

If I can’t leave my sadness in this phase, I doom my future self. 

Time to shake it off.