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The Rider Waite Queen of Wands

New Moon Tarot Reading





New Moon Illustration

This is the first New Moon of the year.

The New Moon in Capricorn.

If you follow the moon phases you already know that New Moons are a time of rebirth, renewal and goal setting. It’s a monthly reset. The sky’s way of tracking time and reminding us to set intentions; to act with intention all month long.

It seems to be a universal truth that humans do much better with goal setting when it’s broken down into smaller increments.

It’s also a good time to set intentions for the whole year, particularly if you’ve been wavering on your New Year’s Resolutions.

Is societal pressure worse than astrological pressure? I seem to be crumbling under the weight of both equally.

But no matter, there’s nothing like a New Moon to renew the spirit. Pretend you’ve had these resolutions the past 11 days.

Start your year as the pagans intended: New Moon in Capricorn.


My New Moon Card Pull


New Moon Tarot Spread

New Beginnings | Set Intentions | Ground Foundations


1. What do I need to let go of?
2. What energy flows through me?
3. What seed do I need to plant?
4. How can I help my seeds grow?

Five of Pentacles Rider Waite Deck

What do I need to let go of?

5 of Pentacles Reversed


There’s no question I’ve been low lately.

The 5 of Pentacles – upright or reversed – is an acknowledgment of that. Now is a difficult time.

But what cards mean by themselves is not the same as what they mean in the context of a reading.

Letting go of the 5 of Pentacles is letting go of dark thoughts and heavy feelings. It’s letting go of self-worth tied to productivity and income. It’s letting go of the belief that I had moved past self-worth tied to productivity and income.


It’s changing my mindset, not just pretending too. I am here, in the middle of fear. I can’t keep telling myself I’m lacking.

If this card was on its own, it would say “Your poverty mindset is holding you back”. In front of these Wands, it says, “Trust the Universe is here to support you financially when your actions are aligned with your purpose.”

Four of Wands Rider Waite Deck

What energy flows through me?

4 of Wands

Typically this card is a joyful celebration but I believe the relevant interpretation for me is in the structure of the card, not the exact imagery.

Fours are symbolic of security. Wands are energy, determination, strength and expansion.

The Four of Wands wants the fiery ambition of Wands to flow into my home and security sector. It’s a powerful energy of forward motion.

It’s determination toward everything I want.

6 of Swords Rider Waite Deck

What seed do I need to plant?

6 of Swords

This card, in its position, is poetic in a tragic, Hero’s Journey soft of way. You can’t begin a journey without leaving another. There are no beginnings without endings.

This 6 of Swords is the answer to “What seeds do I need to plant?” It’s also sandwiched between two Wands.

It’s a journey towards Queen of Wands energy.

This card wants me to leave behind this mental block and move toward action, strength, ambition and inspiration. There are prosperous seeds to be planted if I just push off the pier.

Keeping in mind that the 6 of Swords here is sandwiched by two Wands, this is particularly about a journey toward Wands energy. This card encourages me to leave behind this mental block and move toward Wands – action, strength, ambition, inspiration. There are prosperous seeds to be planted if I can just push off from the pier.

The Rider Waite Queen of Wands

How can I help my seeds grow?

Queen of Wands


*in Mufasa voice* Remember Who You Are. 

This Queen is here to remind me that I am powerful. She is upbeat, courageous and determined. She’s has creative vision and uses her talents to fulfill her life’s purpose. 

She’s saying, “Be fiercely determined and believe in yourself.” 

She’s the reminder that no one will stop you but you. 


This is an interesting reading for me. And it’s not just because it’s a Capricorn New Moon. 
I wasn’t ready to make resolutions. 
It’s hard to make concrete goals when you’re desperate. Which is too bad because it’s hard to achieve goals when they’re not specific. 

But the Queen of Wands can serve as an energy goal. I can move through my tasks with Queen of Wands energy. I can decide to push off the pier. 


New Moon Ritual

Today is January 11th. There is a lot of power in the number 11. 

Some faiths call it an Angel number. Numerology calls it a Master number. People all over the wold wish on 11:11 and for what? Because something intangible is linked to its power. 

The 11th card in the Tarot is Judgement. 

In my birthday Celtic Cross I drew Judgement as the “self” card.
So maybe I’m searching. Maybe I’m desperately looking for a connection. Maybe there is something to manifestation after all. 


For this New Moon I’m doing a small ritual based on the number 11. 

On a piece of paper, I’m writing 11 goals for the year in present tense. 
For example, “I have made $10k a month for the past 6 months.”

After that, refer back to the 11 goals and make a new list of 11. This list is everything you’re willing to sacrifice to achieve these goals. 
For example, if you wrote “I am 3 dress sizes smaller” in your first list, you might write “I will go to the gym 4 days a week and control my meal portion size.” 

Two lists of 11 for accountability, intention and action
Then sleep with them under my pillow. 

The next day you can burn the list, add it to your alter or put it in a manifestation box.