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Readings for Other People

Most of this blog has been about my own person tarot journey. I truly enjoy this learning process and being able to reflect on each card in this space.

But intuition is a muscle and it has to be exercised like any other muscle group. To help strengthen my practice, I’m asking friends on Instagram for their weekly questions. I’ll pull one card to answer and elaborate on each response.

Ace of Swords Rider Waite Tarot Deck Amy Jones Tarot Reader

Will the house closing go well?

Ace of Swords


Yes, this is a good sign!
This is a sign of encouragement.

This Ace often means you’re expanding your mind, thinking about new ideas and coming up with a vision. All these things correspond with a new house beautifully! 

But, no doubt this will be a trying time, so make sure you stay sharp and stay positive. Manifest the best outcome and use all that brain power to make it come true. Have conviction! 

All that creative energy will have somewhere to go real soon!


4 of Cups Rider Waite Tarot Deck. A hand outstretches a forth cup to a single man, three cups sit in the foreground.

When Will Things Ease Up?

4 of Cups Reversed

Unfortunately, not soon. 

I know that sucks. This is a tough season. 

This card suggests that you’re feeling drained, uninspired and everything feels hard. You’re probably retreating and even isolating yourself as a result.

(Depending on how that looks in your life, it might be causing a ripple effect of other problems.)

It’s okay to feel like you want to be alone. Sometimes it’s good to withdraw and just ‘be’. Use the solitude for reflection. Focus on what grounds you and what brings you joy. You’ll need these motivational reminders. 

It doesn’t look like things will turn around without MORE of your attention. How you handle this phase of life will impact the next. So, get some rest and get ready for the next round.

Ace of Pentacles Rider Waite Tarot Deck Amy Jones Tarot Reader

When will I snap out of this mood?

Queen of Swords Reversed


It feels like this Queen Reversed is pointing out that something (or someone, – hey it could even be social media -) is affecting your mindset. 

Is someone around you being particularly negative? Is someone’s energy taking up too much space in your life right now?

It might feel cold-hearted but you need to protect your head and your heart from negativity. Get some space from negative influencers and you’ll start to feel better.