Weekly Readings


January 14, 2024


Tarot reading is a skill. A practice.

I use tarot cards to tap into my intuition. Just like any other muscle, intuition has to be exercised.

Every Sunday I make a call to my 600 Instagram followers for their weekly questions. These one-card tarot readings help me strengthen my practice.

This practice exposes me to so many more cards, cards I rarely pull for myself.

If it ends up helping others with wisdom from the Universe, even better! 


The Magician, Rider Waite Deck
King of Swords Rider Waite Deck

Will there be big changes or small changes this year?

King of Swords Reversed

This is fairly vague, but let’s unpack it!
The King of Swords is reversed here. 

Many times his reversal is a gin of indecision. It looks like you’re lacking mental clarity and histant to make any decision that might have a big consequence. That might be your answer. 

I think the ball is in your court here. If you decide to make waves, these will be big waves. But, maybe that’s not what you want. That’s okay too. 


Knight of Wands Rider Waite Deck

Looking for guidance on where to focus energy this week

Knight of Wands

Knights are big energy cards! This Knight knows you have a new idea or new project and wants you to run with it. Don’t be afraid to take a risk or ask for something that feels unattainable. 

The Universe wants you to go for it! 

Put the admin on hold for a week and pursuethe thing that lights you up! 


Ace of Wands Rider Waite Deck

Should I apply out of state this summer?

Ace of Wands Reversed

This Ace isn’t telling you want to do but it definitely has an opinion. 

It’s practically shouting at you to make only decisions that align with your big goals. Every choice, every action you take now should be working toward something and you shouldn’t make any moves that don’t move you closer to your passion. 

Ace energy is relatively extreme. At it’s most extreme this Ace is saying “There’s no point to doing anything that’s not moving you forward!”

Weekly Tarot Reading Basics





Numbers hold a lot of meaning in tarot.

I’m no numerology expert but part of learning tarot is understanding the symbolism of numbers. Each card in the deck corresponds with a number. Many of them work together or have layers of meaning when added together. A key to quick readings is understanding how the numbers of each card influence the reading.

Each tarot card is packed with symbols.

The illustrations on each tarot card are beautiful and intricate. They’re also chock-full of symbolism. The real key to learning tarot is committing motifs to memory rather than individual cards. Master the motifs, and you’ll master the deck.


This Weekly Tarot Reading Series is composed of quick reads to curious Instagram followers. I am always looking to improve as a Tarot Reader and this is a practice exercise. The goal here is to quickly find an intuitive answer. I want to be able to trust my gut reaction is the right reaction.


Hey, I’m no doctor but if they can call it a practice, I can call it a practice. Weekly Tarot Readings give me the opportunity to grow. As an added bonus, I get to connect with people who might never otherwise reach out. I believe tarot is a tool to tap into divine guidance, not a roadmap definitively telling you what to do.