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Weekly Readings, February 21, 2023

Most of this blog has been about my own person tarot journey. I truly enjoy this learning process and being able to reflect on each card in this space.

But intuition is a muscle and it has to be exercised like any other muscle group. To help strengthen my practice, I’m asking friends on Instagram for their weekly questions. I’ll pull one card to answer and elaborate on each response.

For the sake of this series, I’ll record three cards and their answers here.

The Lovers Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

Which of my personality traits is most likely to attract love.

The Lovers

You’re a passionate person! Trust that being upfront with your beliefs, values, interests and ambitions will attract the right person. (It will also likely ward off the wrong person.)

Leading with open communication will help foster emotional bonds in the beginning that only get stronger with more vulnerability.


7 of Swords Rider Waite Deck Amy Jones

What’s holding me back from reaching my career goals?

7 of Swords

7 of Swords is a complex card but in this case, I think it’s encouraging you to think more strategically.

You can’t do everything all at once.

Prioritize projects that you know are moving you toward your goals. Don’t be afraid to say ‘No’ to some projects. That’s okay, you can’t be everything to everyone.

The 7 of Swords also encourages slick maneuvering. If you have a creative solution/strategy that gets you to your goal faster than following the normal process – give it a try! Fortune favors the bold. 


King of Cups Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Will I reach full authenticity?

King of Cups

This King sits on his throne, despite its watery surroundings, in perfect emotional and intellectual balance.

The water around him is turbulent and shows that he can remain calm and focused through hard times. He makes decisions with a balance of logic, intelligence and intuition. He leads those around him and supports their goals, both emotionally and physically. 

This is a truly beautiful sign. 

But there’s a lesson here too – it takes a lot of work to be a king. Be firm with your personal boundaries, always work to better yourself and keep working on your emotional intelligence. On the right path, this throne is waiting for you.